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Hello I have been associated with AIOVA since inception. I have account with Paytm name "fashioncrew" and Seller MID: 86180. They have blocked my account and the reason they have mentioned: I was selling fake products. I have registered with Paytm last month and made sales for around 35000. Which include mostly watches and hardisk (3pc) and 2 mobile phones. 

What happened as one of my HArdisk customer has made complaint regarding harddisk and they have blocked my account. When I called them they mentioned the reason with pictures and that was not mine hardisk. What should I do? Please help me guys as this is the only source of income for me and I have not even started with other market place. Please help me. Paytm guys not even responding. 

Looking forward for your response.

9173518810 Angry Huh

Contact that customer & challenge them that is he will not expect the truth fashioncrew will send him a notice for FRAUD.

Same thing do with PAYTM, that how you will get to know that what product i have sent is fake?

the customer also smart that he has given fake photographs.

I am a genuine seller & authorized seller. come visit my place & if you find anything wrong you can block my account.

You have to fight aggressively.

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