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AIOVA's Agenda and How Can It help
Hello Members,

We are pleased to announce and we are growing day by day. Members from all over the country are contacting us to join and some already have joined.

New Members may we wondering what is AIOVA and how it can help us, So here are some Bullet points for you to understand that. Also If anyone has any suggestion to add in AIOVA's Agenda, you are most welcome to post your suggestions in this thread.

1. Individual level problems can be addressed together.

2. Information of Hidden charges like penalties etc can be brought to everybody's attention.

3. We will have better bargaining and negotiation power.

4. Awareness of certain sellers policies followed by Market places can be well understood.

5. Timely updates of new rules and changes followed by Market places can be brought to your notice
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Stopping exploitation from Ecommerce companies
Hi Kush,

Why not a team be formed with some heads to represent different categories. These teams with their categories can work out on the margins and other expenses of the seller and inform Marketplaces. So that sellers cannot be exploited. We all know lot of us here as sellers loose lot of money directly or indirectly. So each category head after discussion with their category can accumulate all types of expenses. We are all here to have some profit from the business. No sellers have deep pockets to burn.
can I have any contact no?
I'm going to start an ecommerce site and I want to make sure no any online seller feels cheated while selling online.The rules and policies will be according to them only. kindly provide me any contact no. so that I can attend any meeting with them all.


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