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ATS Mad or Wht
ATS is GOing Mad nowdays

they r nt delivering the products ...

marking as Attempted , undeliverable ... nd also marking delivered ... but the product is nt deliverd to buyer ...

why to bear the loss ....

when they cant handle the delivery process ...

why they come with the Sales of the Year ...
1. Has the Easyship "Return Report" for the month of September delivered to email. On creating a case on Amazon, i am still waiting for them to give the monthly Easy ship return report.

There are some incidents in which the Customer has mentioned that the tracking on Amazon shows that the product has been returned to Seller but the Sellers has not received the product.

2. Also, All the Easy ship orders have the contact numbers of the Buyers who purchase the products. But the Fulfillment by Amazon orders does not have

• The contact number of the Buyers
• Or any Tracking detail/status through which the Sellers can track the details of the shipment.

The ratio of returns of FBA orders to the easy ship orders is about 2:1 or more. It is true that all the order related activities are carried out by Amazon itself in case of FBA orders.

But in the wake of increasing number of returns, non-transparency and ever increasing fee of Market places, should’nt it be more transparent for Amazon to show the contact number of the buyer and the tracking
details of the product.

This would certainly help the sellers who wish to speak to Customers who return products through FBA orders.

(In these type of orders Amazon keeps the FBA Weight Handling Fee and Fixed closing fee)

(Would Amazon provide all the PODs for the return orders in the Return report?)

3. For FBA invoices downloading in Amazon Panel , in Orders>Orders Report>Bulk Invoice Download

There is a delay of 30 minutes for any subsequent report to be downloaded. The maximum number of days for which invoices can be downloaded is 7.

If you want to download invoices for 3 months, then it takes 12 attempts in total 6 hours. Sharp sellers would understand this type of discouragement.

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