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Account on Hold/Suspended
Hi, I am seller on Flipkart with name as Dhriti Sales Corporation. My account got suspended with reason selling fake products.

It is with reference to listing ID-LSTHHPEAGDYNCVYFZJQKATL8O, 
Product was listed with name as DSC Hula Hoop Ring. At the time of listing the product we have applied for brand approval for DSC which is short name of our firm Dhriti Sales Corporation, in that approval we have given undertaking (as per flipkart provided form) that we are procuring products from local market and selling them under our brand name and incase in future any one claims this brand name we will stop selling products under this brand. We informed there things to flipkart customer care but they still wanted invoice and authrization letter from DSC brand owner.
We explained them that we are procuring the products from local market and we have used DSC for our firm short name than also they are not able to understand and refused to reinstate our account.
We called customer care team and they suggested to procure invoice from your vendor with name as Dhriti Sales Corporation (DSC) and submit it. We have done the same and now they are saying the invoice is not as per our standard.

Pleas sir help.

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