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I have been cheated by Ebay for Many Paisapay IDs -

Below are the details

41680237024 excess refund given to buyer
41591000324 Double negative debit n my Paisapay
42347659824 refund not given after being covered in Seller protection
42743560595 refund not given after being covered in Seller protection
42719424805 3 excess debits on 2/8/16 Rs 18000 extra debited to My Account

I have been complaining and mailing them for almost 3 months now and there is no resolution. I  need a contact detail and help of someone who can help. I have mailed to Ebay Greviance and all.
simple, take all copies of emails and chat history and file a case in consumer court, for ebay your are a consumer.. the rest court will take care off...
Consumer court will give more pain and loss to time and business. Better concentrate on ebay directly.

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Ebay customer service is too bad. I had refunds in process for an amount of 5 items and guarantee claim open for 3 items. The last I sold an item in ebay was 6 months back so since then these claims and cases are lying with no one to address to them. The buyer and seller both are at loss. Infact I had asked them to close the case. They respond by copy pasting a claim dispute mail again and again. So I just understood at the end of the day ebay will do scam with both buyers and sellers. Since it couldn't make profits by establishing its brand in India so it got an idea to loot the people in name of claims and cases. Better forget about such losses and get your foot set in Amazon and Flipkart. Atleast they have a decent seller support.

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