Poll: Is a regulatory body needed?
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Demand for Regulatory Body
We are demanding for a regulatory body to regulate ecommerce marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc who are covered under 100% Fdi according to latest DIPP guidelines.

The demand is because of the following reasons :

1) To monitor the guidelines framed by DIPP.

2) To set rules for policy changes which are being implemented over night by marketplaces.

3) To safeguard sellers and consumers money.

4) To create a centralised sellers and Consumer protection fund like SLR for banks, Insurance pool for Insurance companies

5) To maintain uniformity in business models of different marketplaces.

6) To create a grievance cell for sellers which becomes a quasi-judicial authority like SEBI

7) To maintain a competitive market and prevent monopoly and cartelisation.
8) To create accounting and auditing standards and disclosure norms to prevent a financial scam like Satyam.

What are your views on this?

Do you want to add any more points?
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Please add one more:
9) To create clarifications about the various tax liabilities of sellers selling online
10. Buyer contact details should be available with seller so that seller can contact with buyer during order return/cancellation
What about skewed return policies.

E.g. For apparel, almost every marketplace is offering 30 days returns - which is not feasible for a category like apparel. Whilst for category such as Electronics(which are usually high value items), the return policy is 10 days. So, if an electronic item goes bad on the 11th day(as has happened with me as a consumer), there is nothing you can do, and the huge amount of money spent goes down the drain.

This is not even consumer friendly, let alone seller friendly.
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11. To indulge seller during any policy implementation. It should not be solely marketplace's decision.

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you need a regulatory body to stop this monopoly attitude of marketplaces
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1) Buyers should be educated about reading the size & other information carefully 
2) Buyers should be educated that sellers are charged shipping fees & delivery to their doorstep is not free
3) Seller should have an option of cancelling orders without penalty, if not websites should be also charged penalty for non- delivery
4) in case of courier returns, websites should pay sellers 1.5% of sale value for damaged packing.
5 Buyer details of all websites should be transferred to a central database where sellers can verify the credentials of the buyers & decide whether to ship the order or not
6) COD deliveries should not be free. There should be a booking fees which should be deducted from their mobile recharge.
7) Buyers should be asked UID before placing COD orders & if they don't receive it at delivery their CIBIL rating should be affected

Someone of you should take it to media if you have contacts
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