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Ebay new seller performance standards
I had been a good seller in ebay until May when its new policy came in and then I was put to below standard rating. I do not understand their policy at all. Firstly, if buyer gives a negative feedback to seller it doesn't amount to a defect. How cool is that ? Tongue

Also, if a buyer without approaching the seller contacts ebay for support or raises a guarantee claim and ebay resolves it whether it be in buyer favor or seller favor, it is counted as a defect and you are booked under the bad rating. How fair is that ? 

Ebay generally allows you 3 business days to process your order and ship it. It doesn't matter to ebay if courier company makes the pickup or not, it doesn't matter if the courier company after pickup update the details on the same day or not, it doesn't matter what you have set as a shipping time date, the ebay sees that if you have not shipped the product within 24 hours, it is a defect. Phew! that was too bad to take in especially with /aramex that takes almost 2 days to update details in their system that is supposedly connected with ebay system. Though they complain that ebay server is too bad to take in the updated details but it doesn't matter to ebay. 

The best part of my findings was when I heard a 100% positive rating seller saying that as per ebay standard he is a below standard seller. I know that is funny but sometimes I think how come ebay survived in so many countries for so many years with this crap policy. Did I interpreted anything wrong ? How can someone be so crap yet be so successful. Tongue
Normally these things happen in every online store and the store like Ebay always take serious concern about their reputation in market. So Dont be panic about it much and concentrate on new methods of selling. I will suggest that you must new shipments companies like, M&P etc to increase your business.

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