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Erroneous buy box algorithm on amazon
A seller has found an ingenuous way to get the buy box.
Sell 50 grams weighing products for rs.40 to rs. 120 and charge 249 for shipping.
Now the fun fact is that Amazon allows seller to charge different shipping for easy ship and different for self ship and show self ship rates and gives buy box according to self ship rates.
He has kept self ship rates are 50 and wins the buy box though 99% order ship by easy ship and he charges 249/- for easyship.
So he sells a product for Rs.100/-, his shipping is 249/-. Buyer ends up paying Rs.349/- But the seller who is selling FBA cannot charge shipping and even though his price is Rs.249/- a cool 30% lower than this guy - cannot get the buy box.
This asin sells a minimum 50 units a day. So this guy is making a cool 10,000 inr per day by this ingenious method.
I am tempted to replicate him. Only Amazon can answer if this method is correct, allowed and ethical.

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