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Flipkart Account pending issue
Hi All,

Seller Display - Crazzyshop
Company Crazzyshop

Initiating this thread to all my fellow sellers who are going through similar issue with Flipkart.

Guys, you might find my post bit lengthy but request everyone to carefully read this so that you will understand my pain what i am going through from past 3.5 Months!

Issue to keep the account in Pending - Selling fake products

1. They have blocked my account in the month of Sept'15 citing the reason that i am selling fake products.
2. When i went back to them asking for the Products, they gave me a list of products and asked me to submit the invoices for the same.
3. The funniest part here is, these are the products i was selling 1.5 years back when i initially started my business with Flipkart They woke up all of a sudden and came back to me asking to submit the invoices
4. Ok fine ! I provided all my genuine purchase invoices for all these products for which i have even filed the VAT.
5 In spite of me submitting all the purchase invoices, they still claim invoices are fake (dont you think this is heights ?)'
6. They have asked me to submit the latest purchase invoice, when i am not dealing with this product anymore (from past 1.5 years) how will i even submit the latest invoice ? This is heights of craziness.
7. Every time i talk to seller support, i get an automated answer "Their verification team has come back claiming the invoices which was submitted was fake"
8. When i ask them how did they conclude its fake, seller support team claims that its a call from verification team and its internal process that they cannot share the reasons. Do you think sellers are jokers here ? to listen to what ever you say ?
9. Holding onto my patience and frustration, i have requested them to prove how its fake for which they didn't have an answer.
10. I also requested them if they can pass on some contact of so called verification or intelligence team so that i can talk to them and make them understand, Flipkart out-rightly rejected that they cannot pass any employee contact details.
11. I have again requested them to provide me a chance to meet the concerned person and show all the original invoices and documents and settle it one shot for which they have out-rightly rejected.
12. When i asked them to revoke the case once again they didn't do since they very well know that if they revoke the case it will be a big blunder from their end keeping the account in pending and realize the mistake what they have done.
13. When things started worsening day by day, i started tweeting to get resolution to my issue tagging CEO, COO and Puneet Soni so that they can at least help me out and understand my situation.But nothing worked out as no even responded apart form automated responses.
14. I am not even dealing with this products anymore and stopped selling year and half before and was concentrating on my own private label brand of products. Now they have shut all the doors to do my business with them.

I have believed in Flipkart and invested lakhs into this business by taking a personal loan, who is going to bear this loss ? I have beefed my inventory and was all geared up for big billion day and this festive season for which you didn't even allowed me to sell. What do i do with all these products ? 

Being a Flipkart seller for almost 2 years, In this journey i have gone through enough up's and down to keep my self selling on Flipkart maintaining the metrics and today with deep pain i am writing this email to let you all know that nowadays more than selling on Flipkart, sellers like me are scared to even list the products on Flipkart because you never know when your account goes into pending for no reason and your payments are blocked. When i log into my Panel in the Morning, i dont check how many orders i have got or the payments thats been released, i will only check if my account is Active or Pending.

Now my entire family is dependent on this business, 3 months without any business how do you even think we are surviving ? i am not even able to repay my loans because of this mistake done by Flipkart.

Please remember, Flipkart today in the market is because of we sellers. dont forget that!

This is not the end, I am going all along with social media, press and blogs till i get my resolution.

If you think i was selling fake products, i wouldn't have come so far justifying my issue or to prove my innocence.
i think the aiova should talk to flipkart and solve this problm....this is ridiculous now.....

kindly mail to grievance team ...

or u shud mail to bansal
This is shocking. How much loss of sales do you have? What are your back up options?
Hi Crazzy Shop,

Simple Suggestion, don't care about flipkart, simply Liquidate your stock @ whatever best prices you can, and focus on Amazon, as actually you have not lost more than 30% of your sales since sep, 
As From Sep Flipkart came with the Geo tagging type funda, and sales are dropped drastically since than.

We bookmywish are in e-commerce since last 5 years, and worked with many companies.
And we noticed that, whenever any market place starts taking such illogical decisions its not last long.

So danda to band hona hi tha, aaj nahi to kal flipkart khud band ho jaayega,

So trust us, we are also not doing more than 25% business on flipkart which we used to do before sep-15.

But on Amazon we are 3-4 fold since April 2015, simply focus on Amazon you will get better business + less Gotalas/lochs compare to flipkart,

We are even fighting for our 23.5 lakhs which they over charged us in courier since long, we don't have any hopes that we will get it back.

They simply ignore sellers or just give you same revert till many months. even account manager are helpless as unki b waha koi nahi sunta,

Don't loos hope, start it again with Amazon, currently Amazon is best,
Will update you if get something better than Amazon.

All the best for new beginning.

@kidsworldco: I have already done that escalating it to grievance team and nothing worked out... However its the same reply since all are part of Flipkart Family!

Shocking for me is even after escalating it to CEO and COO, i dont even see a single reply from none of them!

@Kush Agarwal: Thank you for coming forward in supporting my concern. My projected sales loss is close to 5 to 8L as i beefed up my inventory for festive season and now i am surviving with my brothers income.

@Amit: I am a small time seller and doesn't mean that i should take the blame what flipkart has tagged to me.. though my orders in Flipkart was not that great i dont want to come out from Flipkart as a seller who was selling Fake products! for no fault of mine.

And yeah ! i have already started listing my products on Amazon which is an amazing website to work with. 

My only hope now is AIOVA !

I am not just going to stop my journey here till i get my problem resolved.
I per my experience I will say that do not make selling online as your primary business. Try to do this as side business or part-time. As sites like Flipkart, Amazon randomly get any product from your listing and askes you for tax invoices. After this there is just 10% chace that your account will get reactivated. 
   Instead all this start your own shop and give customers more discounts by saving money which we pay to Flipkart by commission, Delivery charges, Taxes. 
Be aware your seller account might get suspended any time. Better dont get into trouble. Make this only as part time business.
Don't loose hope

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(09-01-2016, 04:31 PM)kidsworldco Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.i think the aiova should talk to flipkart and solve this problm....this is ridiculous now.....

kindly mail to grievance team ...

or u shud mail to bansal

Kindly send me contact to so I can also reactive my account pls

Kindly help me to reactivatemy flipkacrt account. Kindly cgive me contact details
Now I facing Same issue.
       I am Param Nimawat and I'm a Seller of flipkart. I'm a Entrepreneur. Flipkart put On hold My account due to sale a fake product on flipkart. I sent my genuine Invoices to flipkart but they rejected my Invoices and say it's not valid. I was talk to Seller Support  for know a rejection of Invoices but they say we don't know the reason of rejection. They says it is a discussion of concern team. 

                                          Then I say please transfer my call to concern department but he say I can't transfer your call to concern team. I said to executive please know a reason of rejection but they ignored me.

                                           Ok Guyes, it is a flipkart fraud. Suppose, A person Who started his work without support and he took a Loan from Bank and One day he message from flipkart that " Your Account has been On Hold". What a surprise Sad 

                                            Now I have no money to pay bank loan. I have lot of goods But, it's not selling. I am totally frustrated. Remember when the seller will go away then flipkart also away. This company is run along the seller. Please Active My account.
For more Information Mail me -

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