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Flipkart Not Giving Old Order Details
For Accounting and payment reconciliation I downloaded completed orders and returned orders reports from flipkart panel. But there is information of orders which came after December. I asked seller support for the complete orders details.  but they are giving only these
order_date, order id, item id, product_id, sku,listing_id, quantity, selling_price,status

I want all the information for orders like customer name, city , pin-code and other details which comes in order details if we download from their panel itself.

They tell they can't disclose customer information to us. 

If they can provide details of orders after December then why they have problem for providing those before December?

As a Marketplace they are not our owner/Authority. They are only a techniolgy partner/Mediator between we and our customers, and for that we are paying them commissions. How can they deny to provide our business details to us which is done through them?
You can download them from payment settlement report

In payment settlement they are providing every order details

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what about all the returns till date with details like return reason and all that?

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