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Flipkart event - this will help u
Hi fellow sellers,
I gt to know an online event cld Flipkart Connect, which is happening on the Flipkart Seller Community. Its an online event where a seller like me gets to clear my doubts on a given topic/ share my experience which would help other sellers.
Last month the topic ws Returns and these Flipkart experts had to answer all questions sellers asked. For sellers like us who don't get proper answers from these seller support ppl, this is a good opportunity to ask senior people from Flipkart. This time, Its related to Advertising with Flipkart. Belw are the details..
Date: 4 feb
Time : 1 to 3 noon
This is how it works.
You login to the community ( Under the Category Flipkart Connect, click on the subcategory called advertising. Post all you queries related to advertising like how will ads increase my sales, how to bring more visibility to your products, what is the ROI, where will the ads appear, cost for advertising etc.
The best part is we get interact with the flipkart experts directly. It’s not everyday we get this. What do you guys think of this initiative? I am in, and hav few questns dat I wil post..
@admin - thought this will helpother sellers, hence posting it

Happy selling  J

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