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Flipkart's Response To Association Regarding Zero Comission
Dear Members

We are making every effort to ensure that this structure is clearly understood by all the Sellers. We have started charging 0 Commissions across several verticals with this structure.

This document should help in clarifying the new structure completely.

With respect to shipping charges, we will be using volumetric weights as is the normal practice with logistics providers. We are installing digital profilers to calculate volumetric weights in our pickup hubs to ensure consistency in weight measurements. Only in rare cases where we do not have the volume measurement will we use weights of similar products measured historically.

The structure with a multiplier was mistakenly communicated in reference to this change by our support agents. It was historically used only in certain categories but is no longer in practice. I apologize for this error in communication to you and we are fixing this ASAP. You will shortly see multiple communications on this.

We are committed to making Flipkart the platform with the most profitable growth for you and this change is part of execution of that philosophy. I will be happy to discuss this over a phone call at your convenience.


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