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Flipkart struggling to handle large Data - unable to provide reconcillation 2015-2016

It seems Flipkart is unable to handle large Data and is unable to provide Reconcillation Report for 2015-2016.

I requested the Report on 3rd April and was told that it would be provided after 30th April, at the Portal.
I have been writing to them but they are unable to compile it.
Month  of May is almost over and now they are saying that they need another 15 days.

A Company who cannot handle such critical Data, am not sure how they are able to handle Billions of Dollars.

I have already figured out very many accounting issues but waiting for the correct report from them to do my Reconcillation.

Issues like :-

1. SPF Reversals
2. Excess Shipping
3. Excess MP Fees charged
4. Item not Returned
5. TDS not Paid
6. Payment not received for Forward Shipment but deducted for Return.

.... and many more.

Flipkart with such Deep Pockets may not have invested wisely in Technology for Sellers.
Or maybe they are hardly concerned as there is no pressure from Government or no such Law or Penalty which may force them to do things in time.

Government is Banking a lot on eCommerce in India.
But I feel, Brands, Websites and Government are all firing the shots on Seller's Shoulder. (rather Shooting the Seller)

It is pitty that no standard Accounting procedures have been formulated by our Government to protect the interests of Sellers.
Small Sellers are just struggling to check if they have received the payments correctly or not.

Sellers are loosing good amount of money at the Hands of Websites  / Marketplaces.

1. Marketplaces are free to charge whatever Commission they want.
2. Marketplaces are free to be Biased towards any Seller.
3. Marketplaces are free to Debit Sellers any amount they like (just on the Return Comments of the Customers)
4. Marketplaces are free NOT to reimburse you the TDS amount.
5. Marketplaces are free to pay you whatever Claim they want and free to make a reversal of the same on the pretext of technical bug.
6. Marketplaces are free to deny you POD after 45 days for the Returns.
7. Marketplaces are free to pay petty amounts against FRAUD cases and still deduct their Commissions.

If that's the kind of Freedom they have then I suppose it is better our Government should officially allow them to do B2C under FDI.

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You have raised the right points. Flipkart is scaling down rapidly now and they have no system at place. Amazon is clear winner here with sophisticated back end. Which has been trial and tested with time
Complete pain story of sellers in today's ecommerce environment
I m shock...I m going to ask for data tomorrow and lets see what they replies

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