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Integrating Unicommerce with eCommerce Platform
We are SaaS ecommerce platform. Several of our customers use unicommerce to manage their orders and inventory. We requested Unicommerce team to integrate their system with our platform, but we do not get encouraging reply (possibly we are too small for them). Is there any alternate way we can integrate uniware with our platform and help our customer? For example we created a store for a brand called You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.. Helg team loves their store but they are compelled to move to another platform because of non-availability of integration.

We have several dozen stores that requires uniware integration. We are open to pay consulting fees if someone helps us with the integration. 

Thank You
Since Unicommerce is Snapdeal company tweeting to Kunal Bahl may help. In my opinion, unless Unicommerce does something at their end, there is little you can do.

May be your clients should try other platforms from Unicommerce. Something like Primaseller?.

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