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Lets Block Amazon FBA for 3 days

Amazon FBA is charging us for returns irrespective of the reason for the return. So if a buyer orders a product from amazon and after it is dispatched from the warehouse, the buyer decides that he does not need the product, amazon will recall the product AND DEDUCT THE PICK AND PACK FEE AND WEIGHT HANDLING FEES FROM SELLERS ACCOUNT.

This is unfair trade practice on behalf of amazon. If 200 sellers come togather and block FBA shipments for even 2 weeks I guess amazon will need to rethink about its policies.

I agree to amazon's argument that these kind of policies are great for providing a great online buying experience, but if they do want to provide this kind of service it has to be money out of their pockets , because it adds brand value to their brand name, and does nothing for the seller.

I propose that we try to block shipping material to amazon FBA warehouse for 2-4 weeks and at the same time send our request to amazon for the same.
Boycotting will only aggregate the problem. Have you tried claiming spf?

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Do they pass these type of spf claims?
Amazon is silently penetrating indian market. Initially commission and logistics charges were quite low, but it has been increased with time.

Also all sellers should think/consider the fact that amazon's strategy is to increase indirect charges (logistics charges for returns, charging partial commission on returned items etc). The worst part nowadays in india is very few indian sellers consider above indirect charges. Hence it is becoming difficult to sustain with lower profits.

Very few sellers consider storage fees, removal fees in fba.

Whatever the amount is paid to seller when claiming inventory reimbursement is actually sellers own money if calculated considering all indirect cost.

Also there is no valid reason why seller is paying 20% of commission when customer is returning open / used product.

amazon is charging indirect costs under various heads, which every seller should consider.

Pls write your views about it, whoever is reading, it would be interesting to discuss.

Charging commission for a returned product is worst of all
What is amazon reply on this?

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If 5 sellers are raising complaints that will be of no use. I would propose that we make a team of about 50 - 100 sellers and do the following

1) for 1 week lets tweet about 1000 tweets a day (that would work to about 10-20 tweets per person) with hashtag #amazonfraud

2) Lets write to them directly that any type of COD return charges are absolutely unacceptable to us. (Example ebay does not charge sellers for COD returns).

3) Lets write to ecommerce department of GOI notifying them about the wrong practices at the ecommerce marketplaces.

most important , we cannot achieve anything till we are united , till that time all marketplaces are gonna use us and just play around with us.
Very True, Some of the sellers do not know anything about this charges. That's why they are selling after increased commission & logistics in the OLD rates. God may save them.

@Insasta u r right we have to fight against this rubbish policy. or vo return k liye customers ko hi uksate he k pasand ni aaya to return kardo.
Check your average return and include that in your selling cost.

How will govt of India help you in this. Why would government interfere in any company's policy matter. It is like making fool of your self to even write to goi about such issues.

Also tweeting with adjectives mentioned above is a disastrous thought. Do you understand that calling someone fraud publicly without a evidence is a crime.

I do understand the pain of sellers cos even I am going through this. But we need to discuss these matters with marketplace rather than dictating them.

This is for which we have formed this organisation and this is what we have already started doing. There are some very active members in this group who are taking extraordinary initiatives to make this market a better place for all of us. Appreciate those.

Things are not gonna change overnight. It will take time.


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Blocking wont solve the issue. The MP's are giving discounts from their pockets thus reducing the prices of the products. Companies like WS retail and cloudtail will get all the business and the sellers will have to bear the brunt. Sales have anyway declined, plus returns have increased. We need to make sure that mps stop controlling or influencing pricing. Let that remain the sellers choice.


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