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MRP Rules
There are so many generic products in the market which are sold on Amazon that doesn't have MRP on them because they are imported from China.

How can we put our own MRP on such products. As the recent notification by Amazon said that "All our products need to have MRP otherwise they will be marked as unfulfilled"

Can someone with knowledge throw some light on 
1. MRP act
2. How to put MRP on our own products that doesn't have MRP
3. Put MRP on products imported from China by us or any other importer.

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More often than not, the rule of MRP is breached rather than honoured. First, the MRP applies only to commodities and not services. Second, most essential commodities are not packaged and, thus, do not fall under the MRP rule. Fruits, vegetables, rice, pulses, and so on are always sold ‘loose’ and the retailer thus has the freedom to choose the price, based on his costs and the demand and supply for those commodities. Third, even packaged commodities are not usually sold at MRP.
Agree with that "MRP applies only to commodities and not services"

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