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in but real showing its delivery page few free sellers not for product

Thread Contributor: Amit MakhijaProduct Page Showing Free Delivery for Few sellers but in real its not.....
Hello everyone,

At present we are facing a peculiar situation on

On our seller panel, buybox price is showing with free delivery ,  but when we checked on product page there is no one offering free delivery. Infact we saw that for few sellers its showing free delivery on comparison page( where customer sees all the offers).When we tried to purchase it delivery is applied to the cart.
I have complaint to amazon regarding the same but they are not able to make out why this is happening.
We saw in many products this thing is happening where there is no free delivery but its showing as free delivery and we are losing the buybox because of this.Instead on seller panel it is showing wrong competetive pricing.

I request all of you to check the same on your products.Is it happening with me or with everyone.
I am sharing couple of ASINS which has these problem.
I request you to check at your end and reply.

B00XYELYJK  its showing 1151 free delivery

B00PQO678O its showing 280 free delivery

B00XXWNWCK its showing 240 free delivery.

I request you all to guide as why it is showing free delivery ?????
Is there any trick behind this.


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