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SUPC'S forcefully coverted to sd+ fullfilment
Dear members,

I am very worried as some of our supcs are converted to sd + by snapdeal without asking/discussing with us and they have made the supcs inactive

And they are forcing to send stock to warehouse .but as we habe heard from many sellers that sd plus is not good we dont want to send stock by blackmaili g and making supcs inactive

So please guide what i should or how the association can help me change the fullfilmemt mode to oneship and make the supcs live again

Kindly respond

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Mail to with

Send all supc in a sheet to them and tell them to convert those supc from SD+ to Oneship/dropship urgently.

Don't forget to add ur account manager mail Id in cc .

It worked for me.
Hi jitoo , kindly are they into higher authorities of some specific category as my category is apparaels

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I am also in Apparel. My problem was solved by mailing all of these and my account manager.
I'm also facing the same problem. I'm into fashion accessories, should I mark a copy to them too?

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Just now i came to know that as per new policy now it is not posible to convert supc's from sd+ dropship/oneship.
Do we have the policy? Or it is just verbal news
(29-12-2015, 12:41 PM)Kush Agarwal Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.Do we have the policy? Or it is just verbal news

verbal news. and also confirmed on seller support call.
Thats bad policy
My account manager says the same these cannot be converted. I had initially sold the product at a loss so that it gets more clicks and comes up and now when its time to reap the benefits they have moved it to SD+. This is purely Black mailing, they are giving lame reasons for not moving it back to oneship.

Today its with me tomorrow it can be any of us. We have to raise a voice against these guys.

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