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Snapdeal New Policy (RTO Chargers)

We have email snapdeal about new chargers which are going to apply from tomorrow
how it will effect sellers check the draft of email 


Mr, Kunal 

As per your new policy we will be charged for Customer not accepting good or order, product not delivered (1 side shipping and packing chargers)

Your mini shipping charges is 57.5 +st
Collection chargers 23 +St
and packing chargers 5.7+st

Means product which we are going to sell at tp of 100 rs if its return you will deduct 86.5 + st so finally without any reason we have to pay this chargers?

We have also attached few Rs 50 tp products in which amount will go -50 
So we request to you find some better solution 
And not just implement any policy which is not in favor of vendors or else 
Vendor will start leaving snapdeal

Request every1 to email to their respective Am's

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