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Truth About Flipkart's High Returns
it's became routine for every online sellers to received highest return products from Flipkart. This is the only marketplace in India which is most higher number of returned with illogical reasons. Most of sellers demanding flipkart to change their return policy to cut their financial losses.

Flipkart won't change their return policy...because it's so profitable to them....their main erning source is to charge on sellers for their unfair and unjustified returns. If flipkart provide contact details of their buyers to sellers.....product return came down drastically......which is not favorable for flipkart. I can explain how high return gave flipkart a huge profit margin: A seller received a order on flipkart and dispatched the same product as per their SLA, Now buyer received the ordered item from flipkart on time.'s some kind of hi-tech device or gadget and buyer is not able to connect or handle it....or he can't understand the user normally in this situation buyer needs help or troubleshooting ..but there is no contact number of seller to call and get help. Now there's no way for buyer to solve the issue....finally he requested to flipkart to return the product with "Bad Quality", "Specification Error", "Product not as Described"..even some buyer mentioned "Duplicate Product" in frustration. Now come to the main does flipkart earned money from returns..? If flipkart pass on seller's contact details to their buyers...they simply contact to them and resolve the issue & won't return the product .....but "STOP" guys ....actually this is the turning actual flipkart does not provide seller's contact details and encourage buyers for easy they alwz promoted in their advertisements. Finally product returned to seller with the reasons...i explained above and flipkart get a chance to penalise seller for faulty products and cut the money from seller's payment settlement....sometime flipkart charges more than 80%. If flipkart provide the seller's contact.....buyers won't request for returns and flipkart loose the easily earned booty. This is the best kept secret by flipkart...."Why they never reveal seller's contact details to their buyer or vice versa"
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Completly agree on this and we have many time argue with flipkart seller support on this and still our mail trail is going on..
They have 10 grade students in thr call center

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No use of it. I get returns accepted after months.
(19-07-2016, 12:55 PM)sanket_1112 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.No use of it. I get returns accepted after months.

SURPRISING this forum AIOVA  is silent on FLIPKRT issues
Immediate stop selling on Flipkart they will come to you. They have more than 15 lakhs buyer but they have only 50k seller if half of them will withdraw Thier inventory they will learn a lesson, without seller they won't succeeded.

Try it I am sure they will act.
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Can we stop selling in flipkart? If all sellers agree to stop selling then all united can make their inventory Zero
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Flipkart is a sinking ship now.....they fired more than 1000 employees from their organisation to stop loses. Better to concentrate on ebay & amazon....they have transparency in their every policy and nominal product returns.
Flipkart is blocking sellers who are vocal against their anti seller policies..even without giving a  justification or proper reason.....So guys don't waste your precious time and hard earned money on flipkart. Flipkart doesn't need smart & aware sellers...they are just like to be team-up with new a unaware's easy prey for flipkart.
Better to move out without any delay !!
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