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Unfair Refund & No Seller Protection
I had been praising ebay for its fair policies , BUT this time things are different for me.

One of my orders amounting Rs.11598/- is stuck AND ebay is being unfair in this.

I did everything as per ebay norms , 
Shipped the item within 12 hrs , entered docket details of Fedex courier,
which were on tracking ,the customer opened a claim for late delivery , 

I called him, he wanted the product instead of cancellation,
I pushed the courier,and sent a stop refund request to ebay , 
The order was delivered to buyer and he was happy with product  but complained late delivery (arrogantly), 

I get a mail from ebay , buyer claim rejected ,and now I should be relaxed as transaction is complete ,
next day he gets a complete refund from ebay (not known to me that time),

After about a week I check with payments cycle, nothing is there about this order,
after further inquiry I came to know Buyer refund status,

Then starts the calling to ebay css, after a long chat , 
they concluded under SR-1-6764864100 , that you will get full amount.
I sent 2 more reminder , but i called today after a week , and they are saying we are not sure about seller protection,
will call back for which I am awaiting.

I know its a long para for our fellow sellers, but in short :

I did everything correctly & timely (HOW ? Because ebay did nt complain or tell me any of my mistakes or delay from my side)

ebay Rejected claim of buyer , & Surprisingly made a full refund of Rs.11598/- to him (now Buyer is not picking up my phone (obviously),

even when I sent a stop refund request with proof of delivery within timelines to ebay.

Further they gave a seller protection to me ,BUT ,dit not remit my payment ,and now telling that we are looking into the matter.

I request , if any of our fellow sellers can advise me on this issue , or else take it as a experience which would help us all in future someway.

I have also told ebay that I have raised this issue here.
Keep calling and emailing ebay. Your issue will be resolved. I am passing on this thread to a couple of ebay guys I know.
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  • Abdul khalique, Pratik77
Thanks Devesh ji ,

I will definitely keep a follow up on daily basis.
Also hope your support will help resolve the issue easily,
will share order details etc ,if required ,though already shared the SR number.

Thanks Aiova, for giving us a platform to discuss our issue.

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