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Why FBA /FA better then sd + ?
Dear friends ,

We have tried FBA , but never tried sd + . Since , we have heard a lot bad about sd + , it seems FBA must have some better points than sd +.

Simce snapdeal is behind us for sd+ we are forced to rethink about sd+

so please take out your valuable time and give some points which says that Sd + is not as good as FBA .

please , thankyou.

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SD+, FA etc are all imitations of FBA.

FBA is the real thing.

These are the points of difference :
1) You can create your own shipment. In Snapdeal it is in hands of account managers.
2) Removal is easy.
3) It takes a few seconds to convert a product from Easyship to FBA, in Snapdeal there is lot of hassle.

FBA is charging for space, fulfillment, removal etc, still it is better then SOI which is free.
sd+ is pathetic .... they wil put penalties on u as the amount becomes big / huge

and also hold ur payments / inventories on the silly reasons
FBA and FA are owned and managed by AZ and FK.
SD+ is outsoucred. So they have 0 accountability.
Fba has world class facility. They use the same system as used by Amazon worldwide. It's trial tested and error free system. . So is worse. FA is reasonably on good track too since people managing WSR are managing FA

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