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account hold for selling fake products
display name-JUS
registerd email
register mobile number-9033665030
      my acoount is on hold the reason is given by you are selling fake products so kindly help for what i have to do?
which portal?
Facing the same issue please let us know what to do
Have shareed the invoices also with them but no response

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Display Name : GNSLP
registered email id:

Summary of the incident:
Flipkart team suspected that we did delivery fraud for this Order ID OD206199610400867000 and we submitted all the necessary details but they are not considering our request. Please help in coordinating with the concerned team and get our seller account activated. Please do the needful. 

The details of the incident is explained below.
I would like to bring to your notice below incident where there is no fault of ours but is reported as a fault. Request you to kindly review below and help in activation of our account:

1. We shipped an order id OD206199610400867000 on 6th June. (with item id 2619961040086700). Product is HTC Desire 828 32GB Dark Grey with IMEI:352532072197342. (Invoice and Manifest are enclosed with order id highlighted)

 The above 6th June shipment was reported to us as missing and we were asked to reship on 13th June ( which our team did with item id:300037347718353951). Accordingly new HTC Desire 828 32GB Dark Grey with IMEI : 352532072199058 was shipped on 13th June (Invoice and Manifest are enclosed with order id highlighted)

3. Again for same order id, this second reshipped item also was reported as missing and we were asked to reship which our team shipped new HTC Desire 828 32GB Dark Grey on 18 June with item id: 300037347718421432 with  IMEI : 352532072197821  (Invoice and Manifest are enclosed with order id highlighted).

4. On 13 July 2016, we received the item id 300037347718421432 as return and IMEI is 352532072197821
5. However, we neither received the devices shipped on 6th and 13th June nor proof of delivery. They are still marked as missing in your system. 

6. There is no fault of ours in this shipment. We infact lost two items that we were asked to reship when original shipment was lost in the first place. The fact that the device reported as missing on 5th June has not been returned to us,  

7. We have shipped thousands of devices since our account was active and were awarded by Flipkart also (refer enclosed award certificate) but found repeatedly missing issue with this order only. Our seller rating is also consistently 3.9 / 5 which is better than most seller of same product.

8. As national online partners, we get the products directly from the company or Authorized national distributors of HTC, Samsung and Gionee. (Refer enclosed Ingram invoice with IMEIs highlighted/ticked.) 

9. Kindly help review this matter in tracing the missing devices and also help in activation of our account.


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