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capsules, oil and ayurvedic products
I have been facing issues of products beeing closed just because Amazon feels they are not fit to be sold without any guidelines in HPC category. 

Now this is really not done. I asked the Prione Services ( ahmedabad) they said we cannot do your product photo shoot as these products are Ayurvedic products ( capsules, tablets, oil and ointments) they said they are not allowed to sell on amazon platform but you can wait for one month you might be able to sell them after a week, may be.
Then i asked there are already existing product which are selling on amazon under this category eg: Zandu Balm is being sold by cloudtail itself and thats an ayurvedic product. (ASIN: B00J046NAI)
The next day when i called seller support they said all the products which are ayurvedic will be removed henceforth after a month.

Can i get a clear picture of what the scenario is? and if the category is not allowed then why are 100's of products which are oil, capsule, ayurvedic etc being sold. 
my opinion they are targeting sellers not asin
Basically they are not able to distinguish Ayurvedic products and Medical products. For them it is difficult to distinguish product which comes under Indian Drugs Act which are currently not allowed to sell online.

If you can convince them that the products you are selling doesn't require any pre approved government license/permission you can sell the product.
Or may be they are playing on the safer side not to allow/open this category due to fear of misuse by sellers by listing restricted product.
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Yoi might be having a government circular which says you are not a prescribed medicine. Show it to them

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They are restricted products, first you have to get some certificate for that such as fssai bis etc

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