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fk says not our fault
my order tab is not working on 5-feb and my RTD breached 
and i claimed for that 

today resolution provided that there is no fault in order tab on that day 

they ask me for other working tab's screen shot today means 22-2-16 

what should i do?

i just fill satisfactory survey of telephonic conversation regarding this issue and comment as below

no able to resolve problem

stuck on only one statement that this is not our fault

he dosen't know the full case because he is providing resolution of 12 - feb date

at the starting of call he said that the RTD was removed and we solved your problem 

i check but no resolution seems there 

than he stuck at only one thing that there is no problem from our end

do not want to understand seller's problem . 

but nothing is happening after review provided because i did not received any response from team 

so i am just wasting my time .

if anyone listening than respond the simple question that what is 2+5 ?

so i can understand some one is there who is listening..
No. They cannot answer 2+5. It is not there in thier system and they cannot connect us to those who know the answer.

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