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Paytm new Snapdeal ? Delhi based Ecom firms cannot be relied upon long term ?
look they have started showing colours!
Dear Seller, 

Greetings from Paytm! 

Please adhere to below given Guidelines on Returns and Disputes for easy returns and faster resolution of disputes. Disputes violating these guidelines will not be entertained w.e.f. 15th January 2016.

  • Make sure that any dispute (if required) is raised within 72 business hours or 3 business days from the date of order getting marked as RETURN DELIVERED atYou are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. option on Seller Panel
  • In case order is not marked RETURN DELIVERED, make sure to raise a query within 30 days of item getting marked as RETURN PICKED
  • In case of cancelled orders, please raise an issue within 30 days of cancellation if you have not received the product
  • All returned shipments should be accepted at the time of delivery. If not satisfied with the outer packaging of returned product, mention any necessary remarks on the Proof of Delivery (POD) - along with your signature and stamp of the firm
  • If Return Shipment is rejected twice by you (Seller), then Paytm will not be liable to pay against that shipment and has the rights to liquidate the shipment
  • In any case, no POD request will be entertained after 30 Days of order getting marked as RETURN DELIVERED / RETURNED
  • Keep the high-valued damaged shipments (Selling price greater than Rs. 5,000) for 60 Days for insurance purpose
  • Provide 360 Degree images and Image of IMEI/MODEL NO/SERIAL NO in case of Electrical/Electronic/Automotive items along with attached QA FORMAT (Audit) while raising a ticket for Damaged/Empty/Wrong/Tampered/Partial, etc. product on Seller Panel

We encourage you to read the process guidelines and learn to raise a dispute.
Merchant Management Team


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