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Account Pending
"Company Name : J K Electronics & Appliances Pvt Ltd
Old Seller Display Name : giaansshglobal
My flipkart account went on pending mode for the first time on 1st december 2015 because of 1 listing id's - LSTLSKD95ZEAQR4FHH233CT7V. We had just sold very few & they stated that the product is fake. So we even Submitted the relevant documents - 1) Brand Authorization Letter 2) Invoice on the very same day. Even after continuos follow up with support team, we didnt got any proper feedback & after a week while we called & ask, they told that Invoice we provided is Fake whereas we had purchased the product from authorised distributor. And Importantly, We are into Retail Chain Since 1975 so our always priority is customer satisfaction & Proper quality product. Flipkart was not ready to activate our account even after we told that delist that particular product & make our account active. We waited for a month but they didnt activated & neither their seller support give proper response & there is no Concern senior authority with whom we can discuss our issue. This ground level executives either dont understand anything because they only give one answer "" We are sorry for inconvenience caused. We understand your concern. Reescalating your issue to concern team""
New Seller Display Name : JiaannshGlobal
This month again we opened account on flipkart which got activated on 14th Jan,2016. First order which we received was on 15th Jan,2016, we processed that order but  still product is at our warehouse. And they blocked my listing - LSTVPLDBNZHJNRXBRYJLODIT7 stating fake product. When contacted today to seller support, they told that their quality check team verifies & so product is being blocked. So either flipkart is purposely doing this or some other reason because when product is not out & no customer reviews how they can verify whether product is fake or not. Now I am worried whether again they will Deactivate my account for no reason

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