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What About PAYTM Notice to sellers?

some sellers got notice from paytm that, not to use unicommerce otherwise they will remove the sellers from paytm from selling.

Is that true?

do you have any update for same?

please let us know.
There order sync and order processing also not working , but dint receive any such warning

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Any updates on this issue?
I am still using unicommerce and keep using unicommerce until paytm proves the violation being done

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They said like they would take legal action against sellers still using Unicommerce isn't it ?. Why take the risk?.

Offtopic:- Kush ji, sent you a PM. Please reply.
My decision to take the risk. Their legal notice needs reasons to their cause. Court has clearly said, sellers can use unicommerce

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I was not aware of the verdict by Honorable Court. Just went through the news articles. It appears like Paytm is paying some petty game against Snapdeal/Unicommerce.

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