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FA Good Or Not?

What to do?

FA is good or not?

Please guide for the same.
it is good in terms of promotions, lower shipping costs, lower returns, fast turn around of money.

But operations are a very big hassle.

You goods can remain stranded for weeks.
Hi ,
Can you please elaborate on how returns are low...We deal in jewelry...returns are very high at amazon as people use and return....wont it multiply in any  fulfilment centre as there is hardly any concern about the returns
Divinique you have asked the question in wrong portal.

You have to ask in AMAZON FBA.

In fashion category ther is high risk of return already. because public purchase it, use it in function & return it. in fba there is 30 days return guarantee, so it is happening & happens in future as well till these portals dose not make any strong policy for return.
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Dont go for it.. I am telling u...

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