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I have been cheated atleast 5 times in 1 month by buyer and in all the cases Snapdeal has refused to refund.

I wish to close my Snapdeal account and file a defamation Case against them.

They are not communicating and are also not sending any responses. Closing details and are sending fake products and cheap products back instead of expensive Original ones.

Please help in filing the complaint and escalating to the top.
Contact ur account manager, category head,

Snapdeal has outsourcing all things. So your query is handling by 3rd party. Contact Snapdeal for this.

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who is your account manager?

Secondly when you cool down(gussa thanda hua tab) do the following:

1) whenever any product comes back as sales return from any company (ebay,snapdeal,shopclues,flipkart) Remember to videotape AND AND AND take pics of the entire process.
2) Forward the same to their team with the proof, that way they cannot deny.
3) Pray.....
Of late, SD has started asking some job sheet for damaged product. When I asked them what is a job sheet n to provide a sample. All the consultant replied is since u don't know what it is we cannot help you further and closed the thread ..

I hope karma shows its magic and bites these SD consultants in their back.
They just sit behind a computer n copy paste answers without understanding the situation. I have decided to stop selling online altogether ..

I hope some bigger e commerce giant adopts Grofers model where we are paid at pick up.. Or once GST comes there is a B2B portal

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we are selling branded footwear by SNAPDEAL ranging in between Rs. 3000 - 8000, and as you know 30 % -40 & returns are very expected, & approximately 1 fraud/used/damaged pair daily comes. either the courier partners/ fake customers doing the cheats.
generally, we were getting the claims easily, but since last 2 months SNAPDEAL has changed the policies big time, SELLERS HELP rejecting case regularly with the same message, "We have a dedicated team which takes care of all the customer complaint returns and validates the complaint and takes the next course of action as per the policy. All customers complaints are not fake/wrong still we have revised the rating for few suborders in previous cases. So, we will not be able to revise the rating or penalty anymore."

we are approximately 40 cases pending with SNAPDEAL, where they have rejected our genuine claims (POD REMARKS) are there, valuing approximately Rs. 1,25,000/- over that they have imposed a hefty penalty of amounting Rs. 55,000/-

Already contacted Account manager which is more like SALES MANGER whose task is to push sales & in every 3 months you will get a new account manager.
Ultimately cases are not getting resolved.

Kindly suggest how e can get the cases resolved
what is the best way to file a legal complaint
Please contact your lawyer.

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