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Hello I have been associated with AIOVA since inception. I have account with Paytm name "fashioncrew" and Seller MID: 86180. They have blocked my account and the reason they have mentioned: I was selling fake products. I have registered with Paytm last month and made sales for around 35000. Which include mostly watches and hardisk (3pc) and 2 mobile phones. 

What happened as one of my HArdisk customer has made complaint regarding harddisk and they have blocked my account. When I called them they mentioned the reason with pictures and that was not mine hardisk. What should I do? Please help me guys as this is the only source of income for me and I have not even started with other market place. Please help me. Paytm guys not even responding. 

Looking forward for your response.

9173518810 Angry Huh

Contact that customer & challenge them that is he will not expect the truth fashioncrew will send him a notice for FRAUD.

Same thing do with PAYTM, that how you will get to know that what product i have sent is fake?

the customer also smart that he has given fake photographs.

I am a genuine seller & authorized seller. come visit my place & if you find anything wrong you can block my account.

You have to fight aggressively.
Hi Fashion Crew,

This is a very usual case with Paytm. Our account was similarly blocked a year back based on a single complaint about a Nike Shoe. We had sold almost 700 pairs of that style and based on 1 out of 700 orders successfully delivered, they suspended my account without even informing us. Even after we produced all the invoices, they had no replies. Above that now after 1 year they have sent me a legal notice claiming 1lac Rs for 80000 pcs of packaging material that were never sent to me. When i asked them to provide POD of the delivery of packing material, they aren't even replying.

They are bloody idiots. Avoid doing business with Paytm. They have least business sense compared to Snapdeal / Flipkart / Amazon.


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