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Snapdeal - Order & Payment reconciliation software
Hi All,

I have developed a software product which enables sellers to reconcile their orders and payments.

Please find the product's details as below: 

Application Name - OnlineDataIntegrator

Introduction & Working

This is an offline, stand-alone windows based software which takes the data input in excel format. The format has specified template. The user has to upload/push all the 3 types of data, i.e., Sales, Returns and Payments.

The data upload can be done on daily basis or as the business requirement is. There is host of features built in regarding data upload, therefore, user does not have to be worried about duplicate data etc. System takes care of almost everything.

Once all the data in, the software the processes the data and generated "Snapshot Report". This report shows:
1. Current total outstanding amount
2. Pending Orders
3. Order having various issues (like payment received but not full, multiple RTO/payments received, only RTO happened etc.)

Other Important Features

a. Comparative Analytics - Product Demand
This feature is used to see graphically that how the products' parent brands/companies are performing through a time frame.

b. Overall Import
To see, how much data has been imported for sales, returns and payments.

c. DataSync report
This option can be used to see if there are any data which are conflicting with the other two sections. For example, we can see that how many Returns data are there which are not present in sales and payments.

e. Data purging
For accidental cases, when we wrongly import data into different section or wrong file has been imported, we could use this option to remove those data. Or, let's say, we don't want to keep very old data (which are not required in the system), then also, we could use this feature to remove them.


Since, generally we maintain Sales and RTO data on our own, so finding this data is not an issue. The payments data can be fetched from the marketplace platform

Hardware Requirements

Since this software is based upon .NET and SQL server 2012, we need some good machine to host this application. Preferable is 64-bit windows and minimum 8 GB RAM.

Data Security

The application has built in support for taking backup of data, which can be kept on a different machine/disk. The same can be used in case of system crash or emergency. So, if data backup planned carefully and we take that on a regular interval, there is a very less possibility of data loss.

More on Snapshot Report

This report can be generated for specific time period or for the whole time frame. Let's say, we want to see the status of orders of date between 1 January to 30 January. The system picks up all the sales order ids for this date range and then does data mining on Returns and Payment. And then displays the relevant report. The report is based on Merchant Cut (i.e., there are two prices in play, one is Selling price per item and the other is Merchant Cut. Here all the assumptions are based on price onto which merchant has agreed to sell on the marketplace/channel, which is Merchant Cut).

Upcoming Feature
I am working on profitability analysis through this application. Expected time frame for the completion is around 1 month or so.

This product has successfully been installed and working at 8 locations for various sellers in and around Delhi-NCR. If you are also interested in the product, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Awaiting for your response.

Update: I am in the process of writing up about this software and the same can be found out at -

Kind Regards,
Chandra Shekhar Nath
(Please sms/whatsapp me if I am not taking the call)
is there anyway to give it a try, i mean link to get the software.

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We are Interested to see the demo.

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The same can be done with tally
LPRecon has built a no fuss, simple, lightweight application for payment reconciliation of online marketplace at very affordable price. It is a standalone application which keeps your data privacy intact.
1.      Four button click for uploading and processing of entire payment reconciliation process
2.      Dashboard to view summary of
a.       Payment Received
b.      Payment Pending
c.       Payment Missing(wrongly deducted)
d.      Return Payments
e.       Missing Returns
f.       Courier Loss/Damaged
g.      Cancellations
3.      Single screen (Compact View) to view detailed payment/return cycle for each order id
4.      Monitoring of  balance amount to be receivable or payable to the marketplace for each sale order at any given point of time
5.      Graphical representation for any specific custom period dates
a.       Sales Amount
b.      Sales Commission & Taxes
c.       Return Amount
d.      Return Commission & Taxes
e.       Cancellation Amount
f.       Total Turnover
6.      Tracking of physical returns
& many more
We support reconciliation for following
                    i.            Snapdeal Oneship/Vendorship
                  ii.            Snapdeal Plus/Warehouse
                iii.            Flipkart Seller Packing
                iv.            Flipkart Advantage/ Warehouse
                  v.            Amazon Seller Packing
                vi.            Amazon Fulfillment/Warehouse
See and Judge
Video Link 1: Flipkart:

Contact Us:
Call Now: 08179668479
LpRecon may have been able to design a great product, but it lacks is the most vital aspect which every seller will feel the pinch of. A simple requirement, what if a seller wants to see his variation in returns or sales, lets say over a period of six months.

Can't do it, right?

See, reconciliation is one thing, but providing users an insightful data is something different altogether. Which obviously an excel based application cant achieve.

People are not here to do the business for one day or a month. They all are investing so much into their business to stay in the market. And that will only be possible if they can see through the data which can provide meaningful reports and pendencies.

I am not criticising any company or setup, but its the truth and i guess everyone in this community will agree with me. Are we really just bothered to see one week/ month reconciled data?

Anyway, I have developed this software and around 30 sellers (please read, marketleaders in their segment) and on the basis of their continuous inputs it has been able to evolve into something which you will never regret buying.

Surprisingly, the ROI on its cost is within, 3-4 months of business.

So lete know if anyone of you who are really serious in this business and need more intricate details about your data. Maybe tou could see through it in an entirely new perspectives.

Chandra Shekhar Nath
Please whatsapp me if i am not taking calls.

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I have seen the manual attached for Flipkart from Mr. Chandra it has templates which is the boiling point for all the users COPY & PASTE this is a pain, i suggest you if the data can be taken directly from the CSV files or text files downloaded. This is very important as if one is dealing with many portals (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Limeroad, Voonik, etc so many and many may come) and each portal has its own format for the orders and payment files which allows us to download, this copy and paste job will become very cumbersome and often leads to errors with the users.

Points which i have noted there is it is nothing more than payment reconciliation and some MIS on the same PR cycle

I wanted to know if one can download the data and print invoices with a check on the inventory, statutory collection inputs etc is available or not. Marketplace wise fast and slow moving of items, e-filing of statutory taxes etc. Profit and loss invoice-wise, sku-wise, market place wise, overall business-wise etc..
If all this is not available it leaves with lots of gaps in the product as i said it is purely for reconciliation, and for the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and across years accounting every thing has to be duplicated again, which becomes duplication of work for accounts department and most of the work related to market place orders and receipts(payments) is generally handled by accounts department thus leads to 100% duplication.

Currently we are using Tally.ERP 9 which helps us in maintaining our inventory, invoicing and all most all accounting MIS reports up to balance sheet and P&L other than that banking, e-filing, item movement analysis, profitability and a host of other reports.

We are also negotiating a tool with a developer team on Tally to push the data in Tally.ERP 9 and give us the reconciliation of all the transactions coming and happening through market place (portals). Current status is that we have got the developers do the push data into tally successfully the reports for PR is in progress.

how to give a try to said software... any demo link
Sir, this application is not available online, but for trial purposes, if you want, you can share your sales, rto and payment data which i can reconcile. Then you could validate them.

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nice one i love it

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