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Account Pending.
Sent this mail to flipkart.
Still no solution.
Account pending reason: Misshipments.

Please Help AIOVA...!!!

My account status is pending. However when I probed onto the issue, it said misshipments. I have been filing spf claim and many of the times I notice the customer creates a fraud either by sending us a used product or retaining our product and mentioning quality reason and thus labeling the mistake on us. There have been numerous such occurrences. 

If you check the below menioned list, all these are the incidences wherein the customer has created a fraud and labelled the mistake onto us. I request you to please check on this matter and listen to our plea before changing our status to pending. This is disrupting our business and our efforts towards attaining customer satisfaction. There have been occurence as one customer has ordered 4 time the same product and sending us back old used product and labelling return as quality issue.


Our account status is pending, we request you to re-activate it asap, as the mistake isn't on our part. Our products go thru a complete quality check. Twice the products are checked for quality and to avoid misshipment. 

Also, in one of your mail it was mentioned that the account status will ve reactivated only on 11 March. However, from what I am aware of, Flipkart has a practice of following 7 day cycle. Please elaborate on this.

We request you to changes our account status as Active immediately.

I have faced a same warning mail from Flipkart and the same has been warned to us. I have mailed them continuous of the wrong returns but they are least concerned.

AIOVA please this needs to be taken very seriously.

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