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Misshipment / Wrong tagging / Cheating cases and Warnng of Account Pending
This is a mail to Flipkart sent by us for all returns of cheat cases on tagging for which we have receievd a warning.


Please find below all the Orders tagged wrongly sand explanation of the same. I had escalated many of them earlier when the returns were created as well but i got stupid idiotic responses of claiming SPF. You people don't understand that we have to suffer the loss of Business of Returns as well as returns due to such returns. 

We need Either Control of returns or Contact No of Customers so that we can help them instead of getting Such Threatening Mails. If my Account Goes Pending this time because of such wrong Tagging Issues, I am filing a Legal Case for Sure and then we will fight it in court.

  1. OD405158396411044000 - The buyer has raised a Misshipment Return for Wrong colour Received. We have not yet received the product back and hence we cannot comment on the same. The new replacement has been sent so Neither Flipkart can prove or tag it to us. It can be A cheat case or a buyer rejection as well. We would have never replaced the new piece if we had to cheat the buyer. Simple Logic.
  2. OD405152813074575000- The Buyer has raised a Misshipment for Wrong Color Receievd. The Case is yet to be returned back to us and hence it cannot be commented by us or Flipkart. It looks like a cheat case. The same buyer has also been creating orders and returns regularly and is a clear cheater and fraud but Flipkart has nothing to understand and they give us the hit regularly.
  3. OD205162251230523000- The buyer has clearly mentioned wrong product and on call he has clarified to us that he had ordered wrong product and not that wrong product is delivered. So please check the same is a clear case of wrong tagging. It should have been tagged as wrong product ordered under Customer Remorse.
  4. OD105128120435012000- The same has been tagged again wrongly as Misshipment as the same was raised as a separate Incident ID as well for cancellation of return as it is a clear wrong order case The buyer had earlier clearly mentioned that he wanted for Sony Xperia Z1 and then he had ordered for Sony Xperia Z1 compact so it is not our mistake. It is he who has ordered wrong. He needs to tag it as Wrong product ordered under Customer Remorse. It was even accepted by SS and they cancelled the return.
  5. OD405149239784676000- The same is again a clear case of wrong tagging, buyer has clearly mentioned that he wants for Sony Xperia Z1 Ultra and ordered for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact so this is not our mistake. I Think we need to check again of the same before accepting or tagging. The buyer has made a wrong puchase and tagged it wrongly to us. You guys are not checking.
  6. OD105048531814641000-  The same was reshipped from our side so if we had to cheat the buyer by sending 1 less item we would have never sent the same again. So this is a case where buyer has kept the item and then cheated by creating a replacement. It is simple understanding which a normal guy can understand but not people in Flipkart.
  7. OD105064046791226000- You can check this buyer is a cheat. He ordered for Above Order ID OD405152813074575000 and both time he has raised the same issue.  He is clearly cheating Flipkart and putting the blame to us, Same guy creating same return in 1 week isn't clear of a cheating case. This should have been identified by Flipkart first and then should be tagged to us if they cannot check. The buyer is a fraud.
  8. OD205127577333534001- The buyer has clearly mentioned that he has ordered wrong product and wants a different Model. It has been mentioned in his comments. Please check and tag right. There is no mistake of ours. We have delivered what is written in the listing.
This should be taken care of by Flipkart and unless they can resolve e their system of Wrong tagging and returns, no Warnings and Account Pending Issues should be done. Take it into consideration and start working. Its High Time Now.

Sanket Agrawal

Please AIOVA Help.
The response by Flipkart -

Dear Seller,

Greetings from Flipkart Marketplace!

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to you.

As discussed on call, please be informed that wrong reviews by the customers will not result into any action against your account.

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. As discussed on call, we will definitely take this as a feedback and will try to implement it in future.

Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.

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