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Good evening!!

This is Kunal and Can you please tell me what evidences I have to share with you against the below suspected orders
  • OD405179521407275000
  • OD405008407341047000
  • OD305179537958043000
  • OD205008401774247000
  • OD104928843373003000

I am unable to understand what you guys want from me. I have check in my records that I have successfully dispatched all order from my end on time but buyer has not accepted this. I don't know why? Because I don't have buyer information.

Also I want let you know that I am noticing that Buyer Rajat Aggarwal from Jaipur, Waseem Khan from Jaipur, Khumbongmayum from Jaipur are placing an order to me on every month but they are not accepting on the time of delivery. Please check why they are doing like fraud / cheating to me. Address and post code are same. I have doubt that they have complained against me and my product quality.

Now what I have done after received this notification. Immediately I called to my account manager Mr. Kunal Arora and told him about this email / order ids, he said he also unable to understand what we need to evidences share against the given order ids but he suggested me please make reply and informed flipkart team about these buyers and ask for solution as well.

Team, I am working with flipkart from the 1.5 year and made lots of buyers for Easy4Buy.

After that I called on the seller support team and talk with Mrigank Gupta at 19:06 today. Same thing he also second person told me same thing that sir I am unable to understand what evidences we need to share against the given order ids. He suggested me that he immediately escalating this issue to concern team and they will reply me in 24 hrs. When I have requested him to please forward my call to your senior so that I can ask them what evidences are you guys want from me? After 2 min hold he said no senior are available at the movement.

Again I have request to him to tell me about the solution he said sir we also don't have any information what your account will go to pending mode.

After 10 min long hold he said sir I have asked from the concern team they told me that we need to share purchase invoice for the given order ids and he also send me email for invoice.

Now this is my own brand and why we need to share purchase invoice with you guys? Can you guys please tell me what is the reason for PENDING?

For solution I am attaching trademark acknowledgement for my brand name with you guys and also requesting to you all that please tell me what is the solution to active my account of Flipkart?

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