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Amazon Policy Abuse

There are 2 things that we outrightly feel is a policy abuse by Amazon to sellers and we as sellers should take some action against it . Below are the same. 

1. Charging Selling Commission on FBA COD Return Orders.
2. Rejecting Claims for Self Shipped Orders where Easy ship is not available.

Please mention your issues in policy as well and also Admin request you to please try to get it to Amazon.
selling on amazon is getting hard day by day. I hope they depute someone to improve the system
Sanket - could not understand point number 2. Please elaborate.
When you have to ship Orders through Third Party Like DTDC because Easyship is not available you are not allowed to claim if there is any return created on that Order. But you have to refund to customer to avoid A to Z.
It is true that selling on Amazon is becoming tougher day by day. Since the system is such big it becomes less possible for the heads to listen to Seller pain points. Currently we are facing problems because of Brand infringement and Amazon commission increase, for which i have mailed to (MD and (CEO,

When a mail is sent to them, there office take note of the complaint and works towards resolving the issue. So, i advice to write directly to heads so the complaints will be given due attention.

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