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How to claim promotion amount in amazon
Hello everyone,

Recently I opted in some ampp promotions and sold some products through it. Now how to claim promotion amount and how to raise invoice for that.

Kindly help those who are already doing ampp promotions.

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We are all set to implement the AMPP process change to stop sharing the AMPP calculation with you. This change is currently applicable for all categories except soft lines effective from Feb -2016.
1. The change is only for promotions (WPI) and doesn’t include Deals. We will share the deal AMPP amount as per the old process. In other words, there is no change for DEAL AMPP amount calculation sharing. You will have to merge both WPI data and deals data for all the categories except soft lines and raise one invoice for all the categories and submit along with the excel worksheet (WPI).
3. Please find attached SOP & macro file for AMPP computation which will provide detailed guidance on how the AMPP can be computed using the data available in seller central database.

· Amazon has provided macro file to ease the computation of AMPP refund value, however does not own any responsibility of errors or technical issues arising from the tool. It’s your responsibility to validate and make sure the AMPP refund value claimed is accurate.

· Soft lines category is out of scope for AMPP computation.

· AMPP Deal Promotion amount will be provided by Amazon, as this information is currently not to be part of seller central reports.

For any kind of queries related to AMPP calculations, please reach out to seller support.


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