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I have over 145 products on Flipkart but my account was put on hold after I added 2 products which flipkart thought is fake. 

I did not even started selling moreover I had put the inventory as zero (0) but Flipkart by themselves decided that I am selling fake products. And they had put my whole account On-Hold.

How can they make such claims against seller that they are selling fake product. I have all genuine bills from authorised supplier. 

Submitted all the required documents but after 100 phone calls and email they came back and said the format of your documents are not acceptable.

Please someone help as we are genuine seller not selling fake products.

Same here.. Already provided authorised letter and original invoice of that product .. Still they are saying you are selling fake product..

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same happened with me..if flipkart dont want sellers than they should say ..this is no way to haras genuine sellers..moreover i am manufacturers of my product having my own brand..
i have anticipated sales and have so much stock now and there is not a single customer complain.please someone guide

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