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Excess Weight Charged
Shopclues has started charging double shipping charges, for instance for the 500 gms. shipments they are charging 1000 gms. . 

Has any one experienced the same scenario in recent days?

Any revert will be highly appreciated.

Yes shopclues recently deduct double wweight fullfillments charges 

In 50 Gram product weight they charges 750 Gram and 1000 double fullfillments complain on merchantsupport you will get your deduct amount on next payout if charges deduct wrongly -
Same thing with Snapdeal and Flipkart as well.

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oll marketplaces r doing same thing ...

later or sooner ... oll r same and they hve same thinking ....

to loot sellers in any possible way ....

now its tme to show the unity of sellers to these marketplaces
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Selling on shopclues is a waste of time for any sellers. Bhai that match is totally fixed. There is no way you can sell on shopclues without making a loss.

In 3 months I got 4 orders and 1 return,
You are lucky we got only 5 orders in 2 year. Around 250 SKU.

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i made good profit out of any marketplace ... i put my prices in such a way ..... i always calculate the price before qouting ..... and i also dnt see only orders flow ..... i look at the settlement value first .... as money is most important .....

if u see only orders flow....... and not money or profit ... than u wil get only Babaji Ka Thulu .. nothing else
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