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Sd Packing Chargers

Too much Buss going on around on Sd plus packing chargers,
Here i have attached few images of how much they are charging 
Same product with three different packing chargers 
Product selling price 1049/-

SD margin:  168/-
Logistic : 251/-
Packing : 171/-
Collection : 32.43
Total chargers 623

Now what we have to keep price 120% up of the product cost
Who in this world will use 171/- packing chargers for Rs 500 product
I have attached 3 images of same product with different packing chargers because of difff logistic diff chargers is reflecting 
I request each seller to share chargers images if we have to find some solution on this
So that collectively we can raise the issue

This are just 3 examples we have 100+ 

Thanks regards

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Snapdeal has resolve this,
So if ppl can come up with this type of error,
Please post so that it can be resolved
how was it resolveD?
(15-04-2016, 04:38 PM)Kush Agarwal Wrote: how was it resolveD?

Category and account manager

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