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@AIOVA Strange to believe after lots of lots of reminders to Askmebazaar payments no single payment is received till date with no communications or updates. ### Are we sellers are just an @Bakra been made out of getting business and finally end up with nuisance like this. # Stop Selling On Askmebazaar # Askmebazaar is Fake and Not Reliable #

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When did u started selling on askme and how much payment is stuck there

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Started since December 2015

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Payments stuck more than 1 Lakh and have stopped supply since end of March 2016

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What are they saying? Why they r not giving u payments

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I had a similar problem.
When they wud call for inventory update I wud say make zero. I don't want to sell.
Sent emails to all email ids I picked up from different incoming emails of AMB.
Still some orders came on my panel.
I refused to process them.
When the pending orders were getting cancelled they called me and I told them to clear my dues.
And after a few weeks they paid me

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Also don't forget to tweet about it

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(17-04-2016, 02:41 PM)Jitoo Wrote: When did u started selling on askme and how much payment is stuck there

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Since December 2015 and not a single Payment have come till date. Only one payment was disbursed for RS.1900/-

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Askmebazaar have replied to Aiova's tweet. Contact them there

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even i used to get payment from AMB whenever i raised a query. then i stopped selling as sales were not good.
Please provide me any mail od if you have so we can have a follow up for paymanet same my payment is also pending since dec 2015 till yet

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Finally Askmebazaar Had Decided Not Give Due Payment To It's Merchant , According To Mail Received From Askmebazaar.

My Amt Is Pending In Lakhs ...........

All Merchant Had Sold Product On Getit Stores Private Limited And Getit info services Pvt Ltd And Not On Astro Overseas LTD (AOL) , So It Is Askmebazaar Call To Clear All Due Amount Of Its Merchant .................

So Finally If You Need Payment Than Go To Askmebazaar Head Office Or Any Regional Office Near By You , Else Forgot That You Will Receive Your Payment ........................

Mail Id Of Ceo

Mail Which I Had Received ........................

Dear Business Partner,

The principal shareholder of Getit info services Pvt Ltd (GISL) , M/S Astro Overseas LTD (AOL) which owns 98.5% of the company has just breached its written promise & commitment of funding the company of its latest tranch by July 31st 2016.

This comes as complete shock & surprise to us since they have made written promises & commitment on this which are on record.

Please note that GISL is always run totally at the direction & approval of the AOL management & AOL board who are fully responsible for clearing all dues. Documentation & legal opinion on this is on record with the company. The KMP of the company are appointed by & report to AOL management. All action taken by KMP’s in good faith is binding on shareholders and all dues of the company are payable by AOL.

Due to this shocking, unethical & unprofessional behavior from AOL, we are unable to immediately clear your dues.

We are pushing AOL very hard through all means to clear all dues.

We have, as an expression of good faith, even put in a format bid as Management to take over the company a month ago but this is also being intentionally delayed by AOL.

Please find a list of their management .


2. Ashok Rajgopal


4. Khadar Merican

5. Ralph Marshal

6. Kwai Yoong Chin

7. Bernard Cragg

8. Badri Masri

9. Sean Dent

10. Sze Yuet


11. Ghee Keong Lim


12. Kenneth Shen

Please feel free to use this letter to write, call or mail directly to these people and to press for dues.

Any help or clarification from us, please write to and we will get back.

Please note that AOL is owned by Usaha Tegas group of Ananda Krishnan & Khazana, which is the sovereign fund of Government of Malaysia. AOL is already facing charge sheet from CBI & ED in India.

Askme Leadership Team

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