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AIOVA's View On @PayTm vs @Snapdeal case
Recently as we all came to know that paytm as filed a legal case against snapdeal for misuse of unicommerce which snapdeal has stake in to get paytm's data. 

First of All Paytm itself got integrated with unicommerce when paytm marketplace was a baby. Paytm has made changes in backend to intergrate with unicommerce. They even waited 3 months to solve the technical challenges, Then why claim unauthorised use.

Paytm threatened sellers that they will not work with sellers who use unicommerce. Sellers said, we will not sell on paytm if they don't allow unicommerce. Also paytm has no right to dictate this. 

Unicommerce can access only that much data which paytm allows it to access. That too only of that many sellers who authorise it to do. Hence is there a deliberate glitch.

Now the other side of the story

If snapdeal has really misused data, then how, and why. Is it also misusing data of amazon, ebay, jabong etc? 

Moot point,  which is also there on the forum thread Recently What is a Marketplace 

We sellers cannot work without such softwares,  And we also use different softwares similar to unicommerce based on the pricing. If a marketplace decides to stop a certain software, then it should show cause to sellers with proof. 

Aiova has always criticised paytm for stopping services on unicommerce over night without any proof. 

Paytm should realise that without such softwares it will not be able to get vendors.

At the same time, snapdeal should come clean, As we are trusting unicommerce with our data and operations.
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  • rsoham
Received the following email today:

Dear Seller,

As we observe currently you are using unicommerce and paytm is not following unicommerce so i would request you please avoid to use unicomerce and start using paytm seller panel otherwise we will suspend your account by next week.

Also received a call from Paytm Manager who spent 20 minutes and told me in no uncertain terms that if I do not stop using unicommerce, they would suspend our account. This is sheer blackmail. This also means that we would need extra manpower to update stocks every moment or add another system, which eventually means additional costs. If PayTM wants us to stop using uniware, it should

1. Stop penalizing for out of stock items
2. Pay the online sellers extra i.e. reduce commisions by 60-70% so that we can employ more people to manage inventory updates.

Till the time a suitable alternative, which supports all the marketplaces on uni-commerce  is provided.
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  • KGA
Agreed. Even we are not interested in working with any website that doesnt let us use such services.

It is very hard to manage and scale up.

I do not want to be charged for out of stock commission of SLA breach.
Today received call from Paytm and they ask to change the password also reconfirm that we have stopped using Uniware. It seems matter will yet to go long way.

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Court has given Temporily relief to paytm ...

so plz stop using uniware otherwise they wil block ur account and put penalties on u and strict action will be taken aganist u
Court has only given relief in terms of usage of PayTM name and Logo.
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