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Why am i loosing my money on marketplaces? How can i earn in e-commerce?
      E-commerce Marketplaces are built to earn money, either from the customer (if products get sales) and definitely from sellers (if the order gets completed or refunded/returned).
So, even when your product is returned, you need to pay them commission and penalties and logistic charges and many other hidden charges.
Ultimately you will loose the money you earned from the completed orders.

There is a way to make things better, and that is,
 "Have your own website & stop depending on marketplaces to grow ".

Its e-commerce era and everyone wants to buy online. Therefore its the best time to build your own web store and start selling from there.

Here  are few pros and cons of having your own website vs. Marketplace ?


1. You will have your own customers & their database, which will be loyal to you.
2. You wont have to dispatch any more fake orders, as you will have complete control on everything.
3. Your dedicated service will fetch you repeated orders by existing customers.
4. You will build a Brand Value of your website and get more orders.
5. Organic Traffic will increase on your website as your site becomes older with time.
6. You will be happily depending on your website in which you can sell your products at must lower rates then on marketplaces. Hence your overall sales will increase.
7. With time, there is trust and hence more new customers and active old customers.


1.It takes bit of a time to start getting orders on your own website. But patience is key to success.

Thank You
Anup Garg
Founder at ****.com
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Now a day’s selling on E-commerce Marketplaces is very difficult for every online seller. Seller don’t know about
- order & Payment status,
- order expense and Outcome
- Market place Charges.
- Return order status
- Benefit

The thing is you need such kind of software that manage your order.. and give you brief information like

- Order wise, expense and outcome analysis .
- Webstore wise, Product wise, market place wise analysis of order and outcome.
- Easy tracking of return product
- Easily Manage claim of damage return product
- Manage offline purchase, sales and payment
- Manage additional Market place like Amazon FBA, Snapdeal SD+.
- Sales return analysis
- Create your product album

Thank You.
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eCommerce sellers should always be looking for ways to expand their your business. How can you expose more of your products to more potential customers?
Your best opportunity for growth could be selling on online marketplaces.
Online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, TMall, and Rakuten, provide eCommerce sellers access to new, large audiences to introduce products to. The key to growing a marketplace is to reach a virtuous cycle: high-quality providers bring in more customers, and the growing customer base in turn attracts more providers. In this chapter, we are going to discuss how to attain this cycle.

It is based on a simple method:

  1. Start by brainstorming potential growth ideas.

  2. Select the most promising ones, and perform quick tests with each, all in parallel. Each test should last no more than a month.

  3. Once the tests are done, select the channel that worked the best and focus on it until it no longer “moves the needle”.
The Bullseye framework by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares
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