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Tips To Avoid Blacklisting - Pending Seller Account
Recently a lot of seller's account got pending due to possible seller fraud on flipkart. 

In most of the cases it was due to staff/workers using seller's wifi/Internet.  

So always avoid sharing wifi passwords.  And use that internet connection only for the purpose of business. 

Also if possible never order anything on your office address from any marketplace where you are doing business. 

Never use your business mail id which is associated with your seller account to order anything for personal use.  And also never use the mobile number registered with seller account on a marketplace,  on the cunsumer portal of that marketplace to order anything. 

Never order anything from your own products uploaded on the website,  which is called as self buying. Also never give ratings/reviews to your own products. 

These are some safety tips to avoid blacklisting / pending issue. 

Also share any other important points if you want to add here so that it can be beneficial for new comers in Ecommerce.
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never by products of ur competitor and returns his product with irrellevant reasons ... as u r also seller u also know the pain of returned product

I feel there is lot more deeper understanding of E-commerce as well E-commerce ecosystem which needs to be understood before going ahead with your "Online Selling " business.

First of all, try to understand "How you should create,map and understand listings? How variants should be mapped?
Secondly, you need to understand that inventory management is key for providing best customer satisfaction so go for any OMS of your choice.
Thirdly, strictly adhere to SLAs you mention. If you can't source on time, its better to go with higher SLA
Fourthly, focus on your business rather than worrying the orders your competitor is generating as managing this business requires deeper understanding of customer buying patters, sourcing patters, rating patterns as well as payment and reconciliation mechanism.

I hope this helps..

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