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Fraud by Flipkart

Recently while going through my accounts I notice over 22 claims by customers that they have received empty box in place of the products.

I was shocked to see that flipkart has refunded these orders by default. It is so shocking because in mumbai flipkart has got automatic machines installed in their parcel centres that automatically check for weight and dimensions. So if out of 300 orders for a certain product even if 1 is having empty box they can easily come to know from the weight difference in their manifest)since actual weight is printed on their manifest).

I would request other sellers to start checking their accounts to see if similar fraud has been done with them.

Lets all exchange our data as to qty of empty box cases being raised in flipkart.
How can they charge shipping fees on an empty parcel? Worst, how did the packet go through?

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@rahul whr did u find that claims status under cancelled orders customer returns ?

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its under returns>completed
@rahul ...

it means u r in good faith on these marketplaces and u never check ur payments before this incident .....

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