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Business Dropped on SD
Upto December we were doing very good on Sd, approx 40% monthly growth. Since Dec'15 till now sales has declined and now it almost 0. Don't know whats the reason. Also from Dec till now we have added many products and new categories but yet no orders at all. 

Also there are few problems in Sd like returns in both ways (buyer & courier) , payments , penalties, seller support has gone worse... etcc
I know the problem. Snapdeal executives know the problem. But they are not implementing the solution. I used to do 400 orders per day. Now 0

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Recently started with FK and Amazon. Lets hope for the best. But overall all the marketplaces have shown there real colors.

One thing is sure that its not good to be completely dependent on online business. You need to have offline business too. . !!
Yes..I guessing that, now they are enabling PIN code or (GPS) mode shopping experience to the buyers. They are not showing our products as Deliverable entirely (throughout India -Product Delivery Serviceble ) even though Prepaid. My self I have checked some of the products across the platform's, they not showing as product Deliverable area(Bangalore) for that products. In that case even if I am interested to buy that,there they are not allowing me to buy.

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Also all the market places have started working on a profitability mode rather than the GMV mode so sales are bound to drop.
So is the sale drop allover on all marketplaces or only on Snapdeal... ??
sales r dropping on oll marketplaces as discounts were playing a vital role .. but now as discounts disappears .... so customers also disappears .....
Future of Online industry in India seems dull.. . .
the sudden downfall for oll marketplaces r coz of two main reasons .... ( this is my opinion)

1. Discounts not offered by MP
2. Geo Tagging
I disagree.

Downfall is because of selfish interests, diversifying from core business and East India Company behaviour.

Also, flawed policies
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