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Are sellers aware about their central excise liability ?

Recently snapdeal has introduced new listing limitation on sellers , sellers can list products on snapdeal only if they have a trademark or brandname certificeta (or have applied for registration).

Now as per government of India rules altering the state of a product (like applying a brandname or applying MRP sticker on it) makes that person liable to pay excise duty to the government(duty varies from 10-30% depending on the product).

So that means if I buy an apple to sell from the farmer (just for example , agriculture is non exciseable), and sell it as an apple I dont have to pay excise duty as I am not the manufacturer. But If I were to sell the apple as abc-brand-apple (as per new snapdeal law) I would be liable to pay excise to the government since I will be a deemed manufacturer.

I have consulted a couple of ca's reg the same and they share the same opinion.

I would request sellers to consider this liability before selling under their brand name online
What if we do not sale with MRP tag ?

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then you are in violation of the weights and measures department requirements
Selling products without MRP tag is punishable act.
Its like this Ha bola to haath katega and naa bola to naak katega .... sellers are truely between a rok and a hard place
This could be to an action point from Snapdeal to force sellers to mention actual MRP worth of the product instead of un realistic MRP

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No, this is a try by snapdeal to put a shot in their own foot
All jewellers are facing problems due to this excise rule.

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