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Beware ! ..... Flipkart can even reverse your SPF Claim
Beware ! ..... Flipkart can even reverse your SPF Claim after few months without intimating you.
This was detected when I was doing my Reconcillation.
SPF paid in the month of July 2015 for over Rs.8000 was reversed in the month of March 2016. (ie after 8 months)
I am not sure how many such more Entries are there.
Flipkart might have found this as an innovative way to adjust their Balance Sheet wrt to SPFs.
(If this has happened to many Sellers and not a Technical issue)
If the Seller is able to point this out,  Flipkart may again pay the SPF amount back in the next Financial.
Ghar ki Kheti hai .... koi Govenment regulation toh hai nahi .....  Smile

If this is the case, than i feel earning on Flipkart is Almost impossible. How many times you will fight for same thing??

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Umangji, how to find out that it is reversed?

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our also 4 spf claim amount has been reversed for the product lost in transit in 2014!
Please provide some deTails so that we can alsp check
This site was made for no accounts only sales.
But Indian business cannot live without accounts for long time. So chain reaction has started
for every order u shud hve details with u .... when paid , return amount deduction ( if any ) spf claims amount when deducts ... so that u can inform or raise issue ....... and u can do #jhand

I have checked number of Entries .... there seems to be a much much bigger Scam within.

Lakhs of Rupees have been reversed on 9th March 2016

I will have to understand and dig deep.

Immediate action which I am taking is raising a Ticket and asking Seller Support to provide me the complete List of Order numbers where SPF has been reversed along with Date, Amount and Settlement Reference Number.


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The reversal of SPFs after 7-8 months is a serious issue.
Let's not dilute this thread by posting other links over here.

Would request other Sellers to check their March settlement to see if any SPFs have been reversed.


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