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Post Amazon tweets surge in orders, buy now button
There's suddenly a surge in orders of a particular product. Even though my pricing is significantly higher than competition my id is appearing in the buy now button.
Looks like Amazon's trying to give me orders and get them cancelled because pricing is higher. Why would anyone buy at a significantly higher price ?
Fake orders on Amazon. Eventually they'll quote performance issues and suspend my account.
It's very clear and evident that Amazon's manipulating sellers.

[Image: fe9ec77607f45c0af8394bafddcc5147.jpg]

[Image: bbd389bf7b37fa33963baa87b3d45eba.jpg]

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Please check, it maybe just due to geo tagging. Try other pincodes

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oll marketplaces r using geo tagging to lower their logistics costs ...... therefore happening
I have seen many cases where buy box goes to a seller with a higher price. It has multiple factor to decide. As mentioned in the above post Geo tagging is/will be one of the most important factor in buy box win.

People need to come out this strong negative mindset regarding ecom platforms. When you don't get an order you blame other sellers. When you get an order you blame the platform.

If you feel so strongly against the ecom platform no one has forced you to sell on these platform. Yes there are issues , there are bound to be issues- what do you expect from an industry which has grown exponentially in last 3 years. But this doesnt mean that we do ecom bashing every now and then.
if you cant handle it leave it.

I might be too harsh with my words but i have been continuously seeing anti Ecom comments. Some may be true and we are working to overcome that.
Till date i have hardly seen any good point about the ecom platform. I am sure there are many positive things to look forward to in this industry and it should be equally highlighted so that we do not create a dark perputual negative environment about ecom.

Lets not be kejriwal and always show ourself to be a victim.
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They won't cancel or suspend your account, they have bigger things to do, focus on your own product, that's the same product , with same brand, then you are safe, you can contact your buyers randomly and check the authenticity.

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