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How to do payment reconciliation manually payment
Hi, can any one share medium by which payments can be reconciled manually, if yes kindly share with video, and that too marketplace vise.
Thanks it will be great for everyone

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the best way for manual accounts is Excel .... just put formulas in macros and u can do with ease ....... and if u find any errors .... u can raise issue with the respective MP
Use Excel, lay down formulae and then use vlookup or pivot table as per your requirement
Dear Harsh Mahajan.
We want to see how you do it.
So either you send any sheet with data to us. Or if you need we can give our downloaded sheet you can apply the formulas etc to know better. Please reply.

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For reconciliation you have to get transaction wise data after that you have to cross check with your dispatched order's SP and the Payout.The difference has to be only the standard charges apply by them as per thier rate card.If any discrepancies found just raised the case for clarification.

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Try LP Recon Software. It has videos on YouTube also.

Contact: 8179668479

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Is anyone using lp recon. What ll b the best negotiated price. They r demanding 5000 rs for one year. And what is their feedback .plz reply

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